Don’t plead guilty!

Often times I am in a Courthouse in Missouri and hear a pro-se or unrepresented defendant suspend their own license. One can suspend their license several ways, but the easiest and most common way is by pleading guilty to a traffic violation or paying for the ticket. 
A Missouri license will be suspended if the driver has 12 points. Accumulated points stay on your driving record for 18 months. Each moving violation (speeding, no insurance, no turn signal, u-turn, driving while suspended etc.) has a point valuation. These points vary in range from 2 points up to 12 points. 
Here are 3 illustrative scenarios that only reveal the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pleading guilty.

1). Imagine you are pulled over. The cop writes you a ticket for speeding, no insurance and not wearing your seatbelt. That is 4 points on your record! Those four points will stay on your record for 18 months and any moving violation ticket you receive after that will be added to your record  risking a suspended license if you plead guilty!

2).What if you have an accident without insurance? Your license will likely be suspended if you plead guilty. 

3).What if your license was suspended, you got it reinstated in March 2016 but received a ticket for driving while suspended in February 2016? If you plead guilty- it will be suspended again!
A license is a privilege that comes at a steep price. When you accumulate points on your license your insurance rate goes up and you put your driving privilege at risk.
In the state of Missouri, the only way to get points taken off your record or get moving charges amended to a non moving violation is by hiring an attorney. Let a licensed attorney keep your license in good standing! 


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