Are You a Victim of Employment Discrimination?

Contrary to popular, misguided, and ignorant belief, discrimination in the workplace is a routine offense. I should know, I have won my clients close to 1/2 million dollars in employment cases in just 1 year!

Employment discrimination can take place in many forms. Under the Missouri Human Rights Commission, discrimination can be based off race, color, sex, sexual preference, disability, age, genetic background and heritage. Such discrimination occurs when one is being treated differently than another designation: often White/Caucasian race and Christian religion. 

Discrimination is a Chamaeleon, easily disguised as favoritism or seniority. Listed below are different scenarios in which discrimination can occur:

Hire: discrimination occurs when someone is qualified for the job but looses the position to someone unqualified for he position.

Working Conditions: discrimination occurs when one’s working conditions are more arduous than another employees who have he same job title and responsobility. 
Accommodations: discrimination occurs when a reasonable accommodation for disability or religious purposes are not met and they do not cause a burden to the employer.

Termination: discrimination occurs when one is terminated for an act that is also committed by other employees without repercussions. 

If you feel like you are being discriminated against in the workplace it is important to report the discrimination to human resources. You should create  a paper trail as an arrow in your quiver. If your working conditions become worse after your report of discrimination then the employer has RETALIATED against you. Another illegal action. 

It is important to exercise your rights. It is important to maintain your dignity as a working class contributor to our neighborhoods, communities and country. Do not sit idly by.

Contact NubyLaw to Protect your Dignity!  


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